Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Travertine Springs

Some California hot springs are well hidden. Fourth of July weekend we explored some of the Sierra passes and the eastern valleys draining to the Owens River. Beyond the Sierras, near Bridgeport, up an unmarked dirt road we found this place. It is cared for by its regular visitors. There are no signs showing the way - and the maps are all wrong. Nevertheless, we persevered and arrived in time to see the sunset from the top of the rise.

In the valley is the small farming/tourist town serving campers, wayfarers and cowboys. Mosquitoes grow to enormous size. No mosquitoes tortured the Travertine Springs visitors - but by the time we went back to town to watch fireworks, they were feasting greedily. Hundreds of fireworks enthusiasts did not satisfy the horde.

Bridgeport was a symphony in red, white and blue.

...but the ghost town of Bodie beckoned....

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