Friday, November 28, 2008

Men at work

Men who cook - a new phenomenon in my life.

John is a very fine cook - and we discovered that Anna's new boyfriend is also a cook! Anna and I found ourselves in supporting roles this Thanksgiving as the men wielding sharp knives went about their business of cutting, chopping, slicing, mixing, proofing, baking, stuffing, churning, mashing - even running through a french food mill - all the ingredients for the Thanksgiving feast.

I was allowed to make gravy, salad and set the table, and Anna was allowed to mash the potatoes. It was a heavenly treat for us all! I made the wine also, but back in 2002 - so the work was done some time ago.

Guests also brought orange shells stuffed with sweet potatoes, roasted root vegetables, buttermilk pies (a special southern recipe), pumpkin pie and apple pie. John whipped up a batch of his homemade vanilla ice cream as part of the dessert.

These are some happy girls with a big Wedgewood stove in the background. Mission "how to move a stove" was accomplished before Thanksgiving.

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