Friday, November 14, 2008

To Reach a Goal

My long time friend Missy (notice I did not say "old"- we do not say that nowadays) has a blog called Friends and Family in Italy

Missy moved to Italy for three years, complete with aging dog and a zest for Italian sagras (festivals, I think). She has kept a large email group entertained with regular messages and photographs, and finally decided to transfer the effort to a blog. It is easier with slow dial-up connection to work that way.

Missy and I go so far back, that we spent some of those young and heedless years together in the 1970's. She sent a query out from Italy about repairing a porch swing - knowing I might be able to help from our experiences over 30 years ago - however, I did not weigh-in. By the time I "got in gear", she had fixed it herself. A veritable "Little Red Hen"! Her house in those days was painted red and green. She had a dog named "Contessa" - for a character in a movie that was so bad, we were helpless with laughter.

For Missy - here's a picture of Joe at work!

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Martha said...

And isn't that Joe, a cutie. Send him over for a visit! Thanks for the nice things. The Little Red Hen