Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - with the focus on food, family and friends. There are no gifts to buy, nothing to decorate, no special toasts, religious observations or patriotic events to celebrate - simply food, family and friends. These are things we can all be thankful for - and thankful for the opportunity to spend time together.

The high school band decided to sell organic free range Willie Bird turkeys as a fund-raiser. What could be better? Willie (or Wilhelmina) roasted perfectly in the Wedgewood, while other dishes and "butter bombs" warmed in the second oven.

Late roses and fruits from the backyard decorated the room, and votive candles made a "ring of fire" on the late afternoon table.

After dinner, as dark descended we walked in the quiet neighborhood. Then the fire beckoned for a rousing game of Fictionary. Mythical druid priests won out every time over more prosaic pseudo-definitions - or so it seemed. Mysterious sailing knots seemed to win also.

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