Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paeonia 2

With an uncertain internet connection, I am dividing the trip posts.

After visiting Brooks Gardens on Friday, we had the pleasure of touring Adelman Gardens.  Adelmans' has an enormous commercial cut peony operation as well as commercial production of peony plants, grass seed production, winter wheat and other crops that are rotated on the 100 acre +/- farm. 

I took a real fancy to this tree peony - "Leda" - on display at the Adelman retail barn.

A grandson of the Adelmans drove the tractor pulling the people movers during a late spring downpour.  In the south we would have called this rain a "gulley washer" or a "frog strangler". 

We next visited Piet Wierstra's Oregon Perennial Company, where a hail storm kept us in the cut peony production shed for a few minutes.  We then visited the greenhouses where peonies have several weeks head start on field grown flowers.  At Mr. Wierstra's house we found these four speckled brown and white eggs on the ground at the base of a peony, with mother squawking in alarm that we might molest the eggs.

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