Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paeonia 1

The 2011 American Peony Society Convention is being held in Wilsonville, Oregon.  This is the first time the annual convention has been held on the west coast - or even west of the Rockies.  Weather has been as difficult in the Pacific Northwest as in many parts of the country - with bloom time delayed by about three weeks. 

A field trip to several commercial growers on Friday had tents, umbrellas, rubber boots, tractors and a ferocious hail storm.  Since many attendees came from across the country, the show went on.

John and I revisited the Peony of Unusual Size ("Haephestos") at Brooks Gardens. It is a tree peony with deep red dinner plate sized flowers on a woody plant about 5-6 feet tall. 

I did not notice on a previous trip that there are many Siberian Irises planted in the gardens with the peonies.  This time I noticed the irises and the huge field of Siberian Irises planted beyond the showy growing area for the peonies.  John is off in the distance beyond the irises.

From a closer point of view, this flowering fruit tree framed another large tree peony.

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