Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paeonia redux

The garden feels the fine effects of a bountiful winter of rain.  Almost two years ago we went to Oregon in late May to visit iris and peony farms. The post Paeonia shows some of the photos from that trip.  Now our own tree peony "Hephaestus " has set buds and bloomed for the first time in our yard.  This huge bud is just opening.

The colors of the irises, roses and peonies rival the jewel windows in the Rhine House at Beringer vineyards.  I just toured the site again on Friday in preparation for a conference later this summer.

I thought this looked more floral than the picture I snapped of the jumping trout.

At sunset an orange iris lit the west side of the yard.  This was my reward for Easter afternoon weed pulling.

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