Sunday, April 17, 2011

garden walk

After a long wet winter, flowers and fruits are everywhere in the garden.  I took a long delayed look at the garden today and snapped a few pictures in advance of the next rain storm.

We have a special love for peonies - tree peonies, Itoh hybrids, and herbaceous peonies.  This is one of the tree peonies, just opened this week, and full of buds for weeks to come:

One of the other tree poenies, a blushing deep rose that hides its center:

The fruit trees - apples, cherries, fig, quince, avocado and citrus - are all blooming.  The pears and plums have already set fruit.

Tiny pears:

Morello cherries:



and first ever blooms on the avocado tree:

We do not know if the avocado will set fruit, but are eager to see what happens this year.  Sadly, the "Elephant Heart" plum flowered very early and did not get pollinated.  We see no fruit at all on the very vigorous tree planted two years ago. 

We have neglected the garden this winter, just as I have neglected this blog.  Music, politics, work, and a host of activities have kept us both distracted.  Spring renewal is happening anyway.

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