Friday, September 10, 2010

don't come home till dark

As I left this evening to walk in one of the large precincts in Napa, my husband called out "Don't come home till dark!" This is something my mom used to say as she shooed the six of us out of the house. Sometimes she even locked the door after us. Perhaps the purpose was to prevent us from watching too much TV -- but I think the noise just got to her at times. I recall a dull roar from the house, punctuated by whoops and hollers. I had to smile because it brought back so many childhood summer memories.

Local political races include lots of knocking on doors. The great thing is to see all the different neighborhoods in Napa. Here's a magnolia grandiflora from the east side of town:

And here is a planting of edible strawberries by a front walkway - spilling out of strawberry pots and covering the ground:

Here I am at the end of a long hot Saturday, still smiling.

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