Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp Rutabaga

"Camp Rutabaga", also known as Diablo campground in the lakes region near Yuba Pass is named for a now famous local practical joke played on Francois and Gerda by this man in black. The sign reads "Camp Rutabaga - Home of Great White Hunters, Lumber Jacks, Bootleggers, Wild Catters & Beautifull (sic) Women". After a day on the trail, I asked that "Filthy Politcians" be added - but Francois assured me that the "Beautifull Women" was sufficient.

Jasmine was bushed and did not stray from the camp.

Francois and the campfire.

Fleeting insect companions for the local wildflowers.

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John Poole said...

That man in black looks suspiciously like my West Coast cousin. The sign was cool -- thanks for translating -- but what is that on my cousin's shirt? Looks way too high-tech for a nice day of camping out! :-)

juliana inman said...

Yes, very suspicious. I believe that is a google IO t-shirt. They gave out phones and other nifty tech gear this year.