Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Napa Porchfest

I'm still decompressing from the third annual Napa Porchfest held last Sunday, July 28. This is a labor of love for our dedicated committee, which is a standing committee of Napa County Landmarks, Inc.

Napa Porchfest 2013

 We had over 4,000 people who wandered in our Old Town neighborhoods listening to over 80
musical groups performing on 47 porches between 1 and 6 pm. Planning starts in January and goes till event day. It's a solid six month volunteer commitment. I'm a founder and chair of the event, so a lot of unusual tasks come my way. Things like making the map, being webmaster, crunching all the data, social networking, picking up T-shirts. The T-shirts are great, and co-chair Thea sold hundreds of them. Thea also has the massive task of coordinating music for all the porches. Others on the committee coordinate volunteers, handle logistics, and media and public relations. We even have a committee member who coordinates food trucks - added this year to the line-up.
Porchfest T-shirts disappear at the food truck round-up
I was inundated with texts and calls from the "hot spots", but snapped a few pictures on the run. Churchill Manor was the largest and most elegant venue we've had yet - beautiful lawn to sit on, expansive two-story porch, and great music. Everyone played for FREE, even these seasoned professionals.   
Jimmy Smith Band at Porchfest                

 There was one report of a badly stubbed toe, and one reported bee sting. As the person in charge I am greatly relieved!
Porchfest 2013 at Churchill Manor
As the afternoon waned, this idyllic spot beckoned. One of these years, when the event is well established and we really know what we are doing, I'll bring a blanket and sit right here. All this came from a conversation on Facebook. Don't believe the pundits who crow that Social Media is a waste of time. Napa is all the richer for it.

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