Sunday, April 7, 2013

garden tour

After another long afternoon in the garden, it seems an opportune time to share the early fruits of John's labor over the past few months. Along with John's cutting up and milling of a 70 year old redwood tree, we have been tending the peonies, bulbs, irises, roses and fruit trees in the yard. John is a collector. Now we even have a collection of Michelia - members of the Magnolia family.

Michelia sp.

We encountered a Michelia on our wedding trip. The large creamy flowers masked the possible "off odors" of a bathroom building at an arboretum. We were both captivated by the tree.

Along with the Michelia, we have been planting herbaceous, Itoh hybrid and tree peonies. Our concerns about lack of sufficient winter chilling to support peonies may be unfounded. All the newly planted (fall) plants have sprouted, and almost all have buds. These three tree peonies have been in our yard for several years, and seem to be thriving.

tree peony

tree peony

We planted blueberries in wine barrels so that we could control the acidity of the soil. It looks like fruit is setting.


Also in wine barrels are herbs.

variegated sage

basil in the herb garden

old camelia

tulips and lilacs



early rose, Joseph's coat

sour cherries in bloom

Queen Elizabeth

John feeding the peonies

John feeds the plants weird concoctions such as fish emulsion and epsom salts. It appears to be working.

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