Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thorsen House - part 2

The theme of this post is "interior finishes and details". This is one of the stained glass and wood ceiling fixtures. Note the original canvas over plaster ceiling finish, which has not been altered. Every surface in the house has the same attention to detail - even the wood wainscot has eased edges and wooden pegs. The photo below is just inside the front door, where again the original canvas over plaster finish on the wall above the wainscot can be seen.

One of the rosewood (?) sconces in the living room/parlour. The mauve tile has restrained detail - but see below how the dining room fireplace is finished out...

This is a corner of the fireplace mantel and tile.

...a detail of the fireplace tile:

This one is the mysterious "peace" symbol. 1909. Is it original, or a careful and clever 60's addition to the house?

One more post, with some more photos. I find it hard to choose which ones to show.

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