Monday, September 14, 2009

Sierra Buttes and Yuba Pass

After months of walker, crutches, cane, physical therapy and "rehab.", I was able to return to the Sierras to hike on the remodeled hip. My goal was to get back on the trail by the end of summer, and by my accounting, Labor Day weekend still counts officially as "summer". Over the long weekend John and I met friends Francois, Gerda, Melt, Bob and Karen to camp at the Diablo campground near Sardine Lake. Melt towed Francois' classic Jeep up to the home base campsite, and we took this amazing little mule up a logging/fire trail part of the way up to the Sierra Buttes. We then hiked the rest of the trail up past the Pacific Crest Trail to the fire lookout on the top of the Sierra Buttes.

The Sierra Buttes are ancient rock formations that have fist to head-sized cobbles metamorphosed into a composite showing a range of colors and cobble types. These aren't little bitty crystals.

The top of the Buttes has a fire lookout station perched on the crest, with precarious steel stairs anchored into the rock.

The views are stunning in every direction, and as the highest point in this part of the mountain range, it's all downhill from here.

Even on a sunny day, we're bundled up for the wind - puffy purple vest for me, and fur coat for Jasmine!


John Poole said...

These are pretty fantastic photos, cousin Elinore! Wish I had been along for this hike. Thanks for posting them..what incredible views! ~Cousin John / The Other Cousin Elinore

juliana inman said...

Francois' classic jeep was the jewel of the trip. Rescued a Sun executive the next day!