Sunday, June 21, 2009

Classic Napa Tank House Needs New Home!

Wouldn't you love to have this classic Napa water tank house on your property? Not exactly free, as it will cost about $20,000 to move it, but still - you could not build it for that. Base of the tank house is 14 feet square, height is about 38 feet, and it needs to be moved from its location in the City of Napa before July 31, 2009. Information is posted on the Napa County Landmarks group facebook page, and will be posted on the Landmarks web site next week. I will forward any serious requests to the owners.

If you live in Australia or Connecticut, the moving expense may be prohibitive!


John Poole said...

I love this old tank house, Cousin Elinore! Your posting made me think of Boothe Memorial Park, in Stratford, CT. It was land owned by two very wealthy brothers who imported all kinds of architectural oddities from all over the world, and erected them all in one place. Here is a very good photo stream of Boothe Park. Take a look.

If they were still collecting, the Tank House would be a wonderful fit for that place. But I know the town would probably not be willing to acquire any more such buildings, and certainly not foot the expense for transporting it. But it made me think what a great fit it could be, if only it were in the cards. Good luck finding a new home for it, though.
~Cousin Elinore

Tom C said...

This is a beauty! Is it still standing?

Tom C said...

This is a beauty! Is it still standing?

juliana inman said...

The tank house is still standing, but in a new location! It has been moved up to the Deer Park area near Angwin.

Tom C said...

Thanks, Juliana! Can you tell how to find that traveling tankhouse when I make it over to the Deer Park-Angwin corner of Napa Valley from Santa Rosa?
Tom C