Monday, May 25, 2009


The backroads of the fertile Willamette valley are home to a mind-boggling array of horticultural nurseries. Plants include rare peonies, irises hostas, ferns, rhododendrons, azaleas, evergreens and - grass seed. Lots of grass seed. But the sight of several acres of peonies in bloom is definitely something to behold.



I'm sitting back home in Napa after an ALL day drive back from Oregon, sipping some homemade Meyer Limoncello (recipe to follow some day) and posting these pictures. John of course did all the driving - probably due to my still slightly creaky left hip. Sun-baked describes the feeling. The weather was glorious over the Memorial Day weekend - and the nurseries were prepared for a seasonal onslaught. The flowering season for peonies and irises is NOW. These are not hoticultural plants that give months of flowers. We saw some mature tree peonies of unusual size, much like the rodents in "The Princess Bride".

Tomorrow - irises and enormous tree peonies...
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