Sunday, April 5, 2009

Potholes in Memory Lane

In preparation for a hip operation, I pulled out some of my hundreds of anatomy drawings dating from the 1960's (middle school and high school) and 1980's when I taught perspective drawing at the Academy of Art College (now University) in San Francisco. Of course memory lane has its potholes.

All the drawings are of properly functioning bones and muscles. No age or arthritis damage is evident anywhere. Within the past year, though, I discovered that I needed a bit of structural repair. After some discussion, tests and research I just had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

Crutches on stairs were the first challenge. With 13 steps into the house and no ramp, it was essential to master this before leaving the hospital. I'm still scooting around the house with the walker or crutches - but have been liberated now by being able to climb into the truck and drive!


John Poole said...

Love your drawings, Cousin Elinore! And hope you are recovering well. Is it difficult to get up into your truck? Do you have an extra step bolted on, just below the door? I don't have those, but all my friends insist I get them! ;-)

juliana inman said...

Hello Cousin "Elinore"! The truck is a bit too high - and there is no extra step. Curbside parking is the best - I get the extra 6" step. Things seem to be healing, but what do I know? The structural experts will review in two weeks, then I may qualify for rehab. West coast John Poole has taken great care of me! Pooles are the best.