Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Lincoln

I recently finished reading "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is quite a bestseller now, with the newly elected President Obama also an admirer of Mr. Lincoln's ability to harness the talents of his former political rivals for the presidency. After reading the book - which was a very "quick read" for such a lengthy tome - I really wanted to have a companion book of the stories told by Abraham Lincoln. According to Ms. Goodwin, President Lincoln's ability to entertain with a constant stream of uproarious stories helped him immeasurably in his campaigns, his friendships, and his governance.

Several "Mr. Lincolns" are also new residents of the rose garden John planted the last couple of weekends. There are at least 50 (and more planned) bare-root roses now planted in the yard of the Fox Cottage next door. My contribution has been nominal - some help with layout, a trip to one of the local nurseries and bringing back one truck load of mulch and helping shovel it into the garden. John has acquired the roses, turned over and amended the soil, prepared the planting beds, laid out the roses, and planted them.

As the new president launches into his term, the roses will leaf out and flower - putting on a magnificent show. Will admiration of Lincoln's successful strategy lead to similar success?

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