Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dancin' brides



I flew from California to Atlanta for my nephew's wedding - with some uneasiness about the prospect. One of our brothers was not going to attend, and I felt that somehow the family circle would not be complete. It turned out that several close relatives were not there, but the party must go on.

The wedding was in the old First Presbyterian Church in downtown Atlanta. It was a dignified, serious, proper sort of wedding, followed by an equally rowdy and exuberant reception. I took some pictures of "unusual" wedding attire on my brother John's camera. We shall see if I ever get a copy of his wife Patti in narrow dark glasses saying "We are not men, we are Devo". (Patti is the elegant blond beauty above.)

The bride, Corrie, is the dancin' one in the white dress and veil!

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